Sharpstone Grinder Guide

Counterfeit products seem to hit all type of marketplaces specially in online market. Our attention has been caught that a large number of sellers across the internet are selling counterfeit weed and herb grinders. These sellers usually posted an authentic product online, but actually are selling the low quality and not the real deal and Sharpstone Grinder is not exempted from being copied. If you’ve been planning to purchase a sharpstone grinder for your convenience, you can use this page as guide on buying the authentic sharpstone grinder.

There are few things that are wrong with counterfeit sharpstone grinder. Read the following for you to find out.


To know the authenticity of the grinder, familiarize the logo of the product. First, the Sharpstone does not uses in their logo, instead they use® because Sharpstone is a Registered Trademark. But this does not apply to all since the Standard Pollen Press uses ™ symbol while the T- Shape Pollen Presses uses ® symbol. Other thing you need to pay attention is that Sharpstone Grinder never uses a white ink in printing their logo specially on their non- clear top grinders. They print logo using a lighter shade of the color of the grinders topping.


Many counterfeit Shapstone Grinders are produced and sold at the market with different colors. Black, Silver, Brown, Blue, Red, Purple, Green and Pink are just few of the colors that is being sold at the market. All these colors are counterfeit. You need to know that the authentic Sharpstone only produced in four colors –Black, Silver, Copper and Light Blue. If you owned a Sharpstone Grinder that has a color not listed as legit, then your grinder must be a counterfeited product.


Sharpstone make the best grinders and Presses are known to be a high quality product. Its quality can be proven true by noticing that the teeth of the Sharpstone Grinders never rub with one another and metal shaving never appears on authentic product. And if you owned a reeling handle grinder, expect a sturdy finish and not a wobble one.


Authentic Sharpstone Grinder has many holes on the grinder to avoid it from clogging oftentimes. The holes found in authentic Sharpstone Grinders also are smaller in size compare to the counterfeit one. This is to ensure that your weed will be grind as fine as possible. For counterfeit grinder, its large hole will leave you with a chunky and poorly ground blend.

The next time you decided to buy a Sharpstone Grinder, use this page as your guide in buying the authentic one.

Best Cat Water Fountain

best-cat-water-fountainPets at home are one of our darlings. They bring happiness to us as well as a good company especially on those times we are alone. That is why taking good care of them is one of our priorities. Feeding them is one of their basic needs that we shouldn’t take for granted. They need the right kind of food which includes water. And to make sure they get enough amount of it, we tend to provide them a tool where we stock their water. Having a cat water fountain is a good deal. We can be assured that our cats can drink wholesome water any time of the day. When choosing for such tool, we need to buy the best one that suits our preferences and their needs. Cat water fountain comes with different designs and features which make them unique from each other. Hence, we need to be clear with our preferred requirements for us to pick the best deal. Here are criteria we can consider when choosing for the right cat water fountain for our pets.

Have filters for safe and clean water. There are a few filters available for different types of cat water fountain. These are foam filter, charcoal, and others are matched with UV purifier. Combinations of these in one unit are cool to have.

Size is good for their needs. How many cats do you have at home? When choosing for the best cat water fountain from adoreyourcat, you must buy the one that could accommodate your pets when they happen to drink at a time, and the water is sufficient for all of them. 360-degree designs with at least 128-ounce water capacity are a good choice when you have a lot of cats.

Easy to operate. Best pick for cat water fountain are the ones that are user-friendly. Like you can easily operate it without relying much on the manual as its buttons are good enough to guide you.

Cleaning isn’t a problem. There are cat water fountains that are hard to clean because of its physical makeup and assemble. Stainless steel items are a good pick as parts could be disjoined together and reassemble afterward. They are also easy to wash with soap and is durable so having them is a good deal. 

Features that are helpful. This includes LED that glows in the dark and guides you with its existence, so you will not stomp it when the lights are off at night. 

Comes with an awesome design. There are a lot of designs available in stores for this kind of cat stuff. You can either choose from fancy, elegant (made from ceramic), stainless steel, and plastic ones. Fancy cat water fountain could have a funny and sweet appearance that is cool for your eyes. Meanwhile, when it comes with a cat, there are some that likes to drink on stainless steel material. If your pet is like that, then choose the ones made from the kind of material. 

Made from good durable and quality material. Choosing the best cat water fountain is our main point that is why we need to make sure we get the unit sturdy enough to last long. Durability and quality are one of the top requirement. Stainless steel fountains are a good pick.

To choose the best cat water fountain, you must consider the above criteria. These will guide you to the type of unit that meets your preferences. Meanwhile, to make sure you got the best choice, check out some reviews of the product online and verify if its suitability for your needs.